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Geobear - The clean, hassle-free solution to subsidence & sinking floors

Geobear is currently operating with safety measures in place and we can provide free online video assessments of your property.

Geobear use an advanced geo-polymer resin to solve subsidence issues in just 1-2 days without the disruption and cost of traditional underpinning.

  • Work completed in just 1-2 days
  • Clean and easy - no need to move out
  • Our work is guaranteed for 10 years

How do we resolve subsidence in just 2 days?

Our experts drill holes in the affected area


At just 16mm they're typically the size of a 10p and often we don't even need internal access

We inject a special geo-polymer resin


In a quick and easy process we inject a special resin that will expand and harden to support the property.

The resin instantly hardens like concrete


Within just 15 minutes the resin has expanded to fill any voids and stabilise the ground and is already 90% cured

The property is raised and foundations stabilised


You'll see the results instantly. Often cracks disappear and doors unstick as we raise the property.

I am a Chartered Building surveyor specialising in building defects and I have used Geobear several times over the years to help resolve sunken floors and ground instability. I have always found them to be very professional and I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others.

Alan Holmes DipSurv, MRICS, MCIAT, MCIOB.

Can Geobear help me?

Our geo-polymer solution can treat almost all subsidence issues, on many occasions we can close cracks in addition to stabilising the structure and prevent further movement. Typical signs of subsidence which we can resolve include:

Cracks in external or internal walls
Cracks in external or internal walls (before)


Cracks in external or internal walls (after)


Sinking Floors
Sinking Floors (before)


Sinking Floorss (after)


Stuck doors and windows
Stuck doors and windows (before)


Stuck doors and windows (after)


Extensions & Conservatories
Extensions & Conservatories (before)


Extensions & Conservatories (after)


For 30 years, we've been fixing subsidence and sinking floor issues in over 10,000 residential properties in the UK and Ireland. The process is suitable for any type of property including:

and Terraced
Commercial Property

Find out more with our Free Residential Subsidence Guide

Speak to our experienced advisors to find out how we could help you and to arrange a free site visit.

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Why choose Geobear?

  • Work completed in just 1-2 days

    Unlike traditional underpinning, which can take months, we typically complete the job in just 2 days, with minimal disruption

  • We've treated over 100,000 structures worldwide

    Including over 10,000 residential properties in the UK and hundreds of major works including for the NHS, Highways Agency and Network Rail.

  • We've been treating subsidence for over 40 years

    As inventors of the geo-polymer solution, nobody knows more about it than we do.

  • Clean and easy - no need to move out

    As we just need to drill a few holes to inject the geo-resin, there's no need to move out and usually we don't even need to do work inside the property.

  • Our work is guaranteed for 10 years

    You'll receive an insurance-backed guarantee for the work, which can be passed on if you sell the property.

  • No need for costly and disruptive groundworks

    We don't need to dig new foundations or sink piles so you save time and money (and we won't have to dig up your garden).

Speak to our experienced advisors to find out how we could help you and to arrange a free site visit.

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See GeoBear in Action

Channel 4's "Help My House is Falling Down"

In 2016 we featured on Channel 4 when we were chosen (under our old name Uretek) to repair subsidence on Frank's property in London. Find out why their surveyor recommended us and how our process saved them thousands of pounds and many days of disruption.

Channel 4
3 Bed Semi-Detached House in Croydon

Find out how we saved time, money and disruption when resolving subsidence due to broken drains.

Within a couple of days they're done and dusted and away and we can get on with our job.
Detached House in Essex

Find out how we resolved subsidence caused by trees and shrubs.

Compared to a traditional underpinning this was a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost

Personal Service - Nationwide

We have teams based across the UK and Ireland, so whether you're in Shetland or Shepperton, we can help.


Difficult to access site? We just need to park our truck outside and use 100m hoses to deliver the resin. We can work on even the hardest to access sites.

The work itself took less than a day to complete and apart from clearing the room there was hardly any disruption at all. The team were polite and professional. We feel confident the work has been done to a high standard and solved the problem. It is guaranteed and achieved for a very reasonable price. We fully recommend Geobear.

Andy Dawson

Speak to our experienced advisors to find out how we could help you and to arrange a free site visit.

Faster, Cheaper and Less Disruption than Traditional Underpinning

Geo-Polymer Injection
Geo-Polymer Injection
Traditional Underpinning
Traditional Underpinning
Typical Time Taken






  1. Drill tiny holes into ground around property
  2. Inject Geo-polymer resin
  3. Fill holes and clean up
  1. Dig out ground below and around property to depth of 1-2m
  2. Pour new foundations or dig piles
  3. Wait for concrete to set
  4. Cover new foundations
  5. Re-landscape and replace paths/drives
  • No need to move out
  • Truck can be parked on road up to 100m away
  • Often need to move out during the works
  • Often need to clear rooms and lift floors
  • Access needed for construction equipment
  • Major groundworks
  • Skips required to dispose of soil
  • Significant noise and mess from digging
Procedure Cost


Varies by property - contact us for a free quote



Varies by property - Varies by property and supplier

Other Costs
  • Fixing any damaged drains/tree roots which caused problem
  • Crack repairs and decorations
  • Fixing any damaged drains/tree roots which caused problem
  • Crack repairs and decorations
  • Accommodation costs during works
  • Landscaping costs and re-laying paths
Property Resale Value

No need to declare works


of market value


Must be declared as a Previously Underpinned Property (PUP)

PUPs often sell for


of market value


No need to declare underpinning


Few insurers accept PUPs

Up to 500% increase in excess

Significantly increased premiums

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to any cracks in the walls?

Wall cracks may close up as the building is raised, allowing simple final repairs to follow. Windows and doors will often unstick and work properly again.

We've treated over 100,000 structures worldwide

Each project is different and the time depends on the amount of lift needed, the area which needs treatment and the ground conditions. Most projects are fully completed within 1-2 days.

Do I need to move out?

Most projects won't require the occupants to move out of their home and they may not even need to move furniture.

How many projects have you completed?

Geobear (formerly Uretek) have completed over 200,000 projects worldwide over the last 40 years. We've completed over 11,000 residential projects in the UK as well as major engineering projects for the NHS, Network Rail and the Highways Agency.

Will there be a mess?

Very little, if any. Our geo-polymer resin is injected through tiny holes drilled in the ground. It's a bit like "keyhole surgery" so there is minimal excavation, disruption and mess. Nearly all our work is done outside the property and you don't need to move out.

Do I get a warranty?

The work comes with a 10 year insurance-backed warranty, which can be passed on if you choose to sell the property.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

Our resin is environmentally inert and has no detrimental effects on the environment.

Who will carry out and be resonsible for the work?

The work at your property will be carried out by our highly experienced technicians (most have been working for us for over 7 years).